Personal Time Capsule

Personal Time Capsule

Waiting on my vessel
The receiver of my thoughts
The holder of my heart
Each scar I share
There will never be a fear of you not being there
You’re my personal time capsule

I give to you the things that mean the most to me
My hopes, deepest thoughts, fears and dreams
I stand before you emotionally nude
You still think I’m beautiful

Mentally and spiritually
I’m full of light
Basking in the essence of our truth
For once the world stands still
And our capsule is full
I’ll always spend the next life time
Creating memories with you.

– Jay 🌸🐘


This Poem Doesn’t Have A Title Because it’s Random

When I close my eyes I can feel you
Your presence, smelling your Eau de Parfum
I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t immediately attracted to you
But I don’t know you at least I don’t think that I do
I contemplated on introducing myself
Name, age, number you know
“Shooting my shot” “give it all I’ve got”
It could go left, fuck it introduced myself
When I eyes connect it was the purest form of intimacy I’ve ever felt
I found you, the one my kindred spirit belonged to
It was the magic of the universe working beautifully the same forces that drew you to me
Created this moment that’ll last an eternity
I never want to forget how this felt, never want to forget how hearing your thoughts and dreams made me melt
I’ll never forget the curves of your face…..          As my mind raced trying to recollect your name I heard my alarm ring sadly this was nothing more than a dry and who you are is till a mystery

She is Poetry.


In a world that’s still learning the alphabet,
She was poetry.
The mystery that laid inside, behind that smile and those pretty brown eyes.
Was something he was determined to uncover
She provided a vibe like no other,
He said being with you I found peace and stability
I’ve found the motivation to become a better version of me.
It’s like wishing upon a star in your universe,
God heard me and said this is exactly where you need to be.
You intrigue me, feed me knowledge as our bodies intertwine
Thighs, eyes, lips, face, chests
yours… mine
Once you meet her she’ll leave you mesmerized,
In due time she will unlock the hidden treasures of your mind.
Who is she?
She is me, and he read my soul like poetry.


To Whom It May Concern

imageHello White America,
I wanted to write something inspiring, But it will literally fix nothing.
We’re done being peaceful,
We’re done watching you kill our people.
Sandra, Sean, Trayvon, Eric, Tamir, Alton,  we got you.
We’re done listening to “here’s what you should do”.
All Lives Matter? As if you see US as your equal.
We are not sorry that our skin has more melanin than your mind can fathom,
We are not sorry for the CHANGE that’s GOING TO HAPPEN.
I suggest that you get with the program or get left behind,
My people are tired of being tired of being targeted because of our BLACK SKIN!
Our Men, Stronger Independent Women you slaughtered them.

I don’t promote violence, just think
How would it make you feel if we did the same thing?
Turned you into a hashtag? Took your voice? Have your family crying behind a black hearse? Killed you WITHOUT our lives being in danger?
I suppose you’re speechless right? No, let me guess…. WE SHOULDNT LIVE IN THE FUCKING HOOD RIGHT?
Oh wait, We shouldn’t sell CD’s,
We definitely don’t need to go to church
Hold on I got it, we shouldn’t have knowledge of what our rights are!
Enough is enough.
We’re screaming Black Lives Matter because your kind, you know the Mass murderers walk around freely.
Meanwhile my people barely make it to the precinct.
I’m done, finished
White America, We are not a threat… We’re PISSED know the difference.

Sincerely, You don’t care what my name is, However you will RESPECT that I Am Unapologetically Black.image

*Disclaimer: if this offends you, I couldn’t care less.


imageSeek to be worth knowing rather than to be well-known.
You came in and made love to my mind and caressed my soul.
Captured my heart with your thoughts, stimulating conversation is a lost art.
I am your muse, paint me vividly as I stand before you nude,
Not physically but mentally, I share with you all of my unseen truths.
In this society the general population is made up of two: you and me.
When God and the universe came together to create Peace, Love and Harmony an image of you came to me.
That’s some visionary shit,
it’s no secret that you are EVERYTHING I needed.
I appreciate what you do for me, your honesty, you reciprocate my energy
You’ve been inducted into the secret society of love.



imageI love it when you’re  here, and hate it when you leave

It’s crazy to know that you’ve become this huge part of me, my life
If I could I would lose track of time with you every night
As we gaze at the moon, I remind you that the sun dies every night so the moon can shine
I see those same qualities in you, you grind so I can be comfortable but I need you to know that I’m grinding too because
When you leave I know that you must go
When you’re here is when I’m most comfortable
Forget the material, forget the image
Leave that to the empty souls
As we focus on our feelings



imageWhen I look at you I see me
We’re mirror images of who we’re destined to be
When I saw you I found all of the answers I never knew
What love is? It’s true
I also found that I didn’t want to continue living life without you
See we are co-existing, unapologetically living
Fully trusting, Forgiving
Ask me if I’m Taken; physically No
But mentally, emotionally, spiritually you have my soul
Time is of the essence and I can never lose
When I’m always timelessly vibing whenever I’m with you
When you look at me you see your Muse
With love and understand that you never knew
It’s crazy how you my baby and I’m hella infatuated
But shit I’m still not taken…



imageI  don’t understand your emotions
I’m really out here heart wide open
And I don’t want to get hurt because you can control them.
You don’t trust me? Is that it? What’s the cause for these emotional fits?
Tell me I NEED to know.
I want you to bear your complete soul. Spill it, let me in;
In a perfect world lovers are also friends.
Is that what I am to you? Your lover and your friend?
I need the honest to God truth!
Answer me DAMN IT ! To help me understand.
Why you get so upset like you do?
Sorta push me to the side like a used muse….that has no purpose.
Sometimes I feel as if I’m only on the surface floating just waiting for that perfect moment….
Are you just my man? Are you just my friend? Are you all the above?
Are you sure I’m the one you love?
I need to know

originally written June 28, 2015 Revised January 23, 2016

Timeless Vibes

imageWhen we vibe you take me to a place so high that I couldn’t ever come down from.
You drive my soul wild I keep wondering where did you came from?
Can you be cloned ? The essence of what you are made of.
I love your walk, your smile, our ups and our downs.
I love the comfort of you and knowing that YOU’RE the one I’ll always run too.
If a year from now things change I know that one thing will remain the same: The confidence I have in you to make everything valuable.
There was a time that I was not so vulnerable and you came in and changed it, my heart was broken you took the pieces and rearranged it.
You are a blessing ,You are my friend ,You are a living soul that I’ll cherish to the end.
My love for you is timeless less so I know it’ll never end.
Timelessly vibing as our souls transcend.


On a journey to connect what I feel spiritually to how I view the world Mentally.

Indeed I can be naive or maybe I choose to believe that everything is how it seems.

I’m spiritually inclined to perceive everything is indeed how it seems…

What I mean is that you are you and I am me, how I perceive you to be is the image you paint to me;

someone you desire to be .

But mentally I know that things aren’t often how they seem (we) seldom show whats true to be;

the real you the real me.We as in humanity.

My spiritually won’t allow that to be, so I’ll stay on journey for the real you the real.

(originally written March 30, 2015)

  • – Jay