Whatever comes into your life, let it come don’t question it just enjoy the experience.
Whatever stays, let it stay and be thankful.
Whatever goes, LET IT GO don’t harp on what would’ve happened, because when it leave it’s making room for better that’s sure to come.
We tend to harp on the things that leave our lives as if they were meant to stay, when in reality everything that we need will stay. We are like trees, if we stay grounded and hydrated (water, self-love and knowledge) we’ll be alright. Just like trees we grow and change throughout our experiences every season, some days may be beautiful and easy-going others may be dark and gloomy, but one thing still remains the same and that’s growth within who we are.

Letting things go without questioning it should be natural, because a Tree is still a tree with or without leaves. Experiences are just that, it stays with you for a lifetime, However; the things that the experience may bring (heartache, people etc) may not always stay and that’s okay.

You are a tree in this universe, hydrate yourself properly and continue to grow.

– Jay

Miss CEO presents: Najee Brown

img_8055  Meet Najee Brown of Jalice & Co., offering Public Relations and Event Planning services from organizing personal or branding events, photo shoots, videoshoots and websites to writing press releases, social media management and network building. “I’m an event planner and publicist. I often refer to myself and my circle of like-minded friends as “creatives”. A creative is someone who thinks outside of the box and allows those thoughts and ideas to manifest into beautiful things whether it be through events, painting, dancing, poetry, blogging, etc.” -Najee Brown

Jalice & Co. is a boutique Public Relations and Event Planning firm. Najee’s vision behind the company is to offer other small businesses and individuals of the fashion and arts industries assistance in branding themselves through special events and creative marketing. The logo is a crown symbolizing the importance of her brand as “Queen Naj” and ensuring that every client or partner walks away with the thoughts of being treated like royalty and glorified as the King or Queen that they are. I love Najee’s vision behind her company, essentially we are all Queens and Kings in our own rights and her Brand as Queen Naj is a refreshing take on “Treat other how you want to be treated”. In my opinion perception is everything, how someone perceives you to be is often how they treat you, Najee is nothing short of Miss CEO.

The Miss CEO series is Women’s Empowerment. Highlighting Educated, Young, Talent, Fierce Queens who’ve turned their passion into a business. I ask every Queen the same question: What does Women Empowerment mean to you? And why is it important in today’s society? “Women empowerment is supporting and honoring the beauty, work ethics and spirits of all women; no matter the color, shape or size. Women empowerment is so important to me and more importantly in our male dominated society because if we don’t push and motivate one another than who will? Women have always been seen as less than or incapable of completing the same tasks of men when in actuality this world continue to revolves because of the presence of women. Procreation, teaching, understanding are just a few of the things men rely on from us. As a black woman, I already have a double negative in the eyes of society. I love seeing other black women move beyond that stigma and prove those who doubt us wrong. We’re amazing, we’re beautiful, we’re powerful and it’s up to us to make that a point.” -Najee Brown, Miss CEO

Stating your own brand/company is not easy, as Najee stated we live in a male dominated society where it isn’t expected for a woman to excel on the same level as a man. I applaud Najee and other Women who are taking the risk of starting a company and fueling their passions! It motivates me to see someone’s hard work and determination come to life. Najee has always had a Knack for event planning, she truly enjoyed creating the aesthetics for an event, organizing every detail behind the scenes and watching her vision come to life. Najee entered college knowing that she wanted to open her own facility so entrepreneurship was never a question, however; she was on the wrong path. We all go through a phase in life where what we think we should be doing overshadows what we’re passionate about, and college is where you question EVERYTHING that confirm or denies that path that we’re on.

Self evaluation is always the answer. “I began to study more about myself with the help of the career department and after many conversations with mentors, I realized the arts and communication field was my calling. I chose to focus in Public Relations as I knew I was a strong writer and had an interest in marketing. I was involved in more than 12 organizations on campus all of which I helped coordinate large and small-scale events. By the conclusion of my sophomore year I knew events was something I could see myself pursuing full-time. By the summer of my Junior year I launched Jalice & Co.” Najee’s biggest inspiration in flesh would be her mother. As a black, female entrepreneur she instilled so many values and lessons that she connects to her personal and business endeavors.

Within the next 5 years, Najee will continue work towards making Jalice & Co. Bi-Coastal and building a facility to house all of the aspects of the company. “My goals for the company for 2017 are to continue to build and strengthen clientele relationships, have 2-3 branding events each month, begin to network within the Atlanta event and entertainment market and seek an internship with a wedding planner to gain more experience in preparation to adding wedding planning to our list of services.” Until then please keep up with Najee on her journey of success at the follow below ( also book her for to create your next event):

Facebook: Najee Jalice Brown
Snapchat: NajeeJalice

Advice from Miss CEO: “My advice to anyone trying to build a brand or company is never hesitate or be afraid to make decisions that can potentially benefit you even if that means at the expense of other situations or relationships. Stay focused and determined, work hard of course but always remain humble, always seek more knowledge, NEVER stop learning. The biggest lesson I learned in 2016 is to listen to your intuition and don’t allow your happiness or success to be at the expense of others. Find something that you can use as an escape when needed and reflect on your progress daily, weekly, monthly, etc. Follow YOUR dreams and turn that passion into profit!”

Jay’s Tips: For Prioritizing & Staying Creative

Prioritize your life

• Define your personal goals.
• Carry a Planner/ Journal ( Keep you list visible).
• Make a Daily list of everything you have to accomplish.
• Categorize your list from most important to leave or by how far you have to travel
• Dedicate 30 minutes (minimum) towards completing one of your goals.
• Use the Calendar app on your phone.
• Set Deadlines.
Staying Creative

• Keep a pen and journal to write down every idea.
• Meditate to clear your mind
• Clean and burn incense
• Go for a walk
• Listen to music
• Dance like no one is watching
• Revisit old work (Art)
• Admire Art
• Go on New adventures
• Take a Walk
• Share what you have and ask for feedback
• Take a nap
• Eat !
• Take risk in every aspect of your life
• Bounce your ideas off your friends and see which one sticks
• Literally put your ideas in a hat pick two or three and create something from it
• Take Breaks
• Drink Tea (warm with honey never sugar)
• Surround Yourself with Creative People
• Remove Negative People
• Get a disposable camera and capture things that inspire you
• Cleanse your space (energy)
• Exfoliate (skin, scalp etc)
• Ask someone what inspired them
• Breath
• Let your thoughts flow good or bad (write them down
• Be Positive!
• Write encouraging notes to yourself
• Workout (increased blood flow helps with creativity)
• Word association (when you see something while your out write down the first word that comes to mind)
• Sing in the shower

Casting Call: Leading Role?

 Are you leading someone to believe that they’ll get the starring role in your love life when really they’re just an extra? Someone you have no intention on making it official with, but you want them around for conversation or what have you? If so then why?

 It’s ok to develop friendship, but once the conversations and vibe exceed the boundaries of a platonic friendship. Your both entering a dangerous territory especially if one does not have the intention of making the other their significant other. We set the tone for every relationship (business, personal etc) we decide to enter, if there are no clear boundaries set it leaves room for you to be put into an uncomfortable place.

I’m specifically talking about romantic relationship/friendships. Most of us should be in a place where we’re thinking long-term, finding one person to start a new chapter in life with so on and so forth. If you’re not at this point in life you’ll get there eventually, it doesn’t take long to determine if you see a friendship turning into something romantic or stay platonic, so why keep entertaining a strictly platonic relationship with romantic behavior? This is how people “catch feelings”.

Leading someone on with empty promises, knowing exactly what they want to hear and saying that to keep them from feeling the need to pursue someone else. That’s selfish and inconsiderate, you’re not concerned about how they feel as long as your needs are met. You get more points being honest and setting boundaries in the beginning verse stringing someone along with promises of becoming your special person.

If you find yourself being caught up as an extra in someone’s love story and there is no clear apparent path to you becoming their leading lady/man, I hope you understand how important you are to ever be someone’s extra. You are a star honey someone’s only co star, you shouldnt be looking for someone to test your water, look for someone to dive in and create beautiful waves.

   – Jay

Are you Reflecting or Living in the Past?


Welcome to 2017,

Where all of the things you were stressing over should no longer be a factor. If someone wronged you in 2016 let it go, Someone owes you money? Let it go, Someone broke your heart? Let it go. If you decide to harbor the actions of a situation that you had no control over, you’re giving power to negative energy and that negativity will begin to eat at you until your enthusiasm, peace, creativity, and self-love starts deteriorating.

This is the time in which we reflect on how well we’ve handled situations, which situations made is stronger and broke us down. Reflect on what made us feel uncomfortable and what kept us at ease, reflect on certain habits (Good and bad) and most important! Reflect on the lessons we’ve learned. Now there’s a difference between Reflection and Living in the past, in my opinion living in the past is exactly that. You’re constantly bringing up your past in every aspect of your life, not in the form of growth more so as a stagnant point in which you refuse to move from. All around it brings and unsettling negative vibe into your life, that could rub off on those who are around you.

Reflection on the other hand is much-needed especially if you’re on a journey of self-love and healing. I reflect on how I felt, where I was when I felt that why and then compare it to where I am now. It show me that the choices I am making are indeed the right ones, when you reflect on certain situations/circumstances you apply what you’ve learned from whatever happens to what you’re currently doing to make sure you have a different outcome. When you’re living in the past you hardly ever take the time to see what you’ve learned or what you’re willing to change. It’s easy for someone to tell you “You’ve grown so much” but until you yourself can acknowledge it it’ll mean nothing.

This week I want to encourage you all to reflect instead of saying “New Year, New Me” try New Year, BETTER Me”. Have a conversation with someone (or yourself) to look back and see how much you’ve grown! It’s the conversation in my opinion that determines if you have indeed grown as an individual. At the end you should say/hear “Wow I’m proud of the person you’re evolving into” verses “you’re still the same ole person”.

“Everybody looks at you strange saying you changed, like you worked that hard to stay the same” – Shawn Carter

I Wish you all a prosperous year, may you protect your peace, cultivate love and release creativity! You don’t need a New Year to evolve into who you already are, Just look inside and tap into it. I love you all

– Jay

She is Poetry.


In a world that’s still learning the alphabet,
She was poetry.
The mystery that laid inside, behind that smile and those pretty brown eyes.
Was something he was determined to uncover
She provided a vibe like no other,
He said being with you I found peace and stability
I’ve found the motivation to become a better version of me.
It’s like wishing upon a star in your universe,
God heard me and said this is exactly where you need to be.
You intrigue me, feed me knowledge as our bodies intertwine
Thighs, eyes, lips, face, chests
yours… mine
Once you meet her she’ll leave you mesmerized,
In due time she will unlock the hidden treasures of your mind.
Who is she?
She is me, and he read my soul like poetry.


Let’s Be Real.

 First and Foremost, I want to apologize for not posting when my goal for November was to push out more content. Let’s Be Real , life happens and honestly I’ve been going through a rough 2 weeks.

 I’ve acknowledged that I have a problem with dealing with my emotions when things bother me. I am actively working on not sweeping things under the rug and voicing how I feel, and it’s challenging as hell! When you always in the back of your mind felt like you’re bothering people by venting, or want to strictly vent and having someone tell you what you should/shouldn’t do. You have moments of weakness, I don’t want your advice I just need to vent before I go crazy and destroy all my hard work.

 For the past 2 weeks I have truly been tested emotionally and mentally, I’m not sure if I’m handling all the situations in the best way and that’s what’s scaring me. I know that I have to trust that the growth that I’ve made and the guidance that I’ve prayed for is leading me down the correct path. I had to seriously get real with myself and remember that the things that happen to you is not your karma, how you react to the situation is. Although I feel like I want to humble a few people, I must not allow people’s insecurities or situations to have control over my life, happiness, peace, and stability. I’ve come too damn far to ever let someone else be my downfall, with this being said I must redirect this negative vibe and turn it into something positive.

 I’m picking up my paint brush again and I’m also writing more poetry, because doing small things when I’m feeling down makes me happy. At the end of the day I am my number one priority! So thank you to all of my Evolving Cosmic Butterflies for reminding me that I’ve created a space in Doses of Jay where I could vent freely without judgement or feelings worsome. I needed get this off my chest, and I feel a lot better! I love you all

 *SN: if I started a podcast would you listen? Let me know in the comments.*




Chosen by the Universe
Born November 6th 1993 prematurely.
Told all odds were against me 0.
I decided to beat the odds and achieve everything I could ever dream 0.

My twin died, I survived clearly for a reason 0.

Witness my uncle getting shot in front of me at 9 (he’s still alive but I lost it in that moment)

Lost the greatest part of me, I lost my Bestfriend my grandma 3 days after Christmas (mothers mom) at 11.

Lost another part of me (dads mom) 16.

I entered college at 18 (NCCU).

Placed in my first college pageant 19. 💙

Fell in love for the very first time at 19.

Heartbroken 19.

Realize that everything isn’t always how it seems ( I was very naive, people are fake as hell and love to paint a pretty picture. I’m not with the shits) 19-20.

Lost a best friend 21.

Slowly began losing myself and wilding out (nothing crazy you heathens) 21.

Chased a feeling of being in love rather than fall in love with a person 20-22.

Convinced I found my soul mate ✨ 21.

Hospital for what I later found out was anxiety 22

Depression and anxiety 22.

Complete Mental and Emotional Breakdown 22.

Panic attack number four convinced I was going to die on Christmas Eve 2015 ( this one was major) 22.

Moved to Georgia 22.

Cut off “friends” on my Journey of self-love and peace 22.

Started my Blog 🐛❤️ 22.

Gotten readers in over 18 countries and offers to collaborate with amazing bloggers and brands 22.

Highest views in a day 22.

Reached my goal of 2,000 views 22.

Reached my goal of 1,000 visitors 22.

My blog turned 1 years old 22.

Made connections networking 22.

I chose ME 22.

Needless to say 22 has been one hell of a chapter that I am gladly ready to end, only to begin chapter 23. I don’t know what the future holds, but I’m no longer afraid to voice how I feel, to get my heart broken , to fall and get back up, to go after everything that I want and push through everything standing in my way. I am a light and voice in this world l, and I will use it and spread it accordingly.
Today I am 23 and I’m just getting started ❤️

*this was inspired by Solange Knowlés *

November 4, 2016

img_6558 One year ago today, I decided to go on a journey of Inner Peace, Self Love and Self Motivation. While on this Journey, I made one specific dream my reality; Doses of Jay. I honestly had no real goal set for my blog, I just wanted to create a space to inspire and motivate others who may be going through a rough patch in life. To say ” I’m getting through it, So can you too! Let’s conquer this together”. It is important for my to shine a light on certain aspects of life, because it’s hard to see the good in situations where you feel as though everything is falling apart.

  Writing my first official post was so freeing, I felt as though I was taking my own advice and healing a part of my life that was so damaged. . I had to change the people around me so that I could asset what it was that I needed in order for me to elevate to the next level. Though my personal journey isn’t over, I’m happier with where I am and excited to continue on this path and I have my blog to track my growth!

  Doses of Jay has surpassed my expectations on an international level and I’m forever grateful and humble to have 4,197 subscribers in 20 countries and counting! The support is overwhelming, Thank you to everyone who has ever clicked on my link, shared, liked, commented etc. and Thank you to those who haven’t. My blog is growing along with myself and I couldn’t be more proud of myself!

 My goals going into year 2 is: Continuous growth. I want to branch out into doing my own podcast show, because I feel as though I have a lot more that I want people to hear and read. So expect new things from myself and my evolving brand.

So go subscribe so you’ll never miss your Doses of Jay your favorite Cosmic Butterfly.

Miss CEO: Shaquailla “Shay” Ravnell


Meet Shaquailla “Shay” Ravnell of Luxe Looks Custom Wigs. Hailing all the way from Jacksonville, Fl, Shay is a senior biology student at the illustrious North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, Where she minors in dance which also happens to be another one of her passions aside from creating wig units.

When you look good, you feel good and confidence in what you’re wearing is very important. Luxe Looks Custom Wigs offers beautifully hand crafted and versatile custom units for the “LuxeDoll in women just like you”. When you’re living out your passion, you are not only doing a service to yourself, but also to the universe. Your Vision will come to life the more time you put into the things you are so passionate about. “I started Luxe Looks simply out of convenience. I was your typical “broke college student”. I loved to keep myself up but couldn’t afford to get my hair done every two to three weeks. I didn’t have a job and the friends I did have, knew nothing about hair but one of my roommates my freshman year was a hairstylist. I didn’t want to keep asking her to do my hair because she was so busy. So instead, I asked her to teach me. We had a crash course on how to lay & sew tracks and since then, it just stuck. For about two years, I was making wigs for myself and always received tons of compliments on my hair. No one ever believed me when I said they were wigs. One day, one of my closest friends asked why I didn’t make them for other people and I had never thought about it. Then, I just went for it. While it was bringing in money, it was also giving me the opportunity to perfect my craft – one unit at a time.” – Miss CEO Shay Ravnell . Shay’s vision for Luxe Looks Custom Wigs is to become one of the top African-American hair enhancement providers, servicing women of all colors across the country. With time and support her vision will become her reality.

The reality of starting a business and growth within your personal life is, you’re going to encounter numerous failures, It’s not about the failures more so how you carry on to reach your goals. “I believe that my past failures motivate me. As of lately, I’ve been inspired to live by this quote by Pastor Steven Furtick. He once mentioned in one of his sermons that “your failures are only fertilizer for your future”. As an up and coming business woman and student, I’ve run into countless failures ranging from failed classes to unsatisfied clients and even though I felt terrible after the situations blew over, I had to make it up in my mind whether or not I was going to let a minor block in the road keep me from my final destination or if I was going to work my way around it. I knew that I never wanted to relive those moments so I view them as seeds that help me grow as an individual.”- Miss Ravnell

When you’re on your individual journey, it’s important to know that you are impacting the world in some way, and someone may be inspired by your journey. “While I know this may not be something that lasts forever, I want to be remembered as someone who positively impacted the attitude and actions of others. I want the people that I come in contact with to remember the inspiring and encouraging words that I shared with them, or the smile I put on their face by just greeting them or speaking blessings over them, whether they are clients or not.” – Shay Ravnell
Women’s empowerment, to me, means just that. The empowering or up building of women. It’s extremely important, especially in today’s society, to exercise women’s empowerment because as sisters, we MUST stick together. Even though we are years removed from the sexism era, we still aren’t too respected by our male counterparts. We’re still very much so being degraded, sexualized and objectified by the men in this society so all we have is each other (and God) to depend on for strength and encouragement. Women’s empowerment teaches us to love on each other as sisters – to encourage and uplift one another and gives us the confidence to do whatever we put our minds to because if we don’t respect each other, we can’t expect others to do the same.”

I Love seeing other women win, I personally feel that it’s necessary to applaud any and every woman, who is stepping out of their comfort zone. Whether it’s starting a Business, an Organization, a Blog, Music etc. Whatever they’re passionate about they have my support, Shay has my support! To make wigs daily and be a full-time student while balancing a social life that’s amazing and inspiring I’m excited to watch her growth over the next few years.
Within the next 5 years, Shay sees herself working as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner at a private practice or children’s hospital in the NC area while still devoting her free time to my small business and hopefully (with God’s help) it’ll have expanded across the country. She plans to host workshops where she holds unit making classes, empowerment forums, giveaways etc. Make sure you keep up with her and check out her StyleSeat for a full list of her services at the links below:


Snap: Wellhibeautiful
Advice from Shay: I’d say never stop believing in yourself and keep your trust in the Lord. No matter how hard it seems, trust God. Never go into a situation doubting yourself. That’s how you set yourself up for failure. Do everything with confidence even if you’re scared. Step out on faith and trust that the Lord will guide your feet every step of the way. Keep your dreams alive. Like the great Langston Hughes says, “Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is like a broken winged bird that cannot fly”.